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Rank #4 , Qatar Bitcoin Investment

Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company is a corporation of economic character, run on a commercial basis and fully owned by private investors. We are a new, but alreeady one of the major oil & gas investment companies. We focus our investments on on petroleum exploration and production, refining, marketing, petrochemicals, and transport.

Our mission is to manage and operate these integrated activities in the most efficient and professional manner, in addition to growing online investor trust and for the benifit of our company and our investors.

Our Future Vision...

  •  Be even more highly profitable and performance driven
  •  Contribute significantly to the support and development of the Qatari economy. 
  • Become a regional leader in performance and apply the latest and the most appropriate technologies in Oil and Gas  operations.


  •  Motivating Environment
  •  Customer Satisfaction
  •  Teamwork
  •  Trust and Securaty for investors
  •  Commitment to our company
  •  Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
  •  Quality and Excellence
  •  Innovation/ Responsiveness

Company Profile

The year 1961 saw the birth of Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company i.e. at the early stage of country’s economic development. The company has set new standards for the then emerging investment industry in Qatar. It served as an example to follow in initiating and managing financial institutions on pillars that cope with the spirit of age, while applying highest global standards. Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company is, thus, viewed as belonging to the generation of pioneering players who contributed to the building of the national economy, while adding momentum to its development.
While exploring new horizons, Qatar Investment Company heralded a new era in the local and regional investment industry, setting new traditions and methodologies. Over the past 5 years, the Company managed to maintain its record of successes despite the hardships witnessed, from time to time, by the national economy. Owning to its foothold ion the market , the Company managed to maintain flexibility to overcome crises, and cope with ever-developing national economy.

Since the inception, Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company has gone through turning points in term of performance, notably over the recent years, where the Company achieved record level of performance and highest profitability.

Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company carries out a wide range of investment and financial activities, mainly providing a diversified package of local and international investment and financial products, to its local and international consumer base.

Qatar Bitcoin Investment Company introduces this unique blend financial and investment products and serves via specialist work teams of high-caliber professionals in the various disciplines. These work teams are organized under departments of which the work is coordinated achieve best operating results for the Company’s shareholders and customers.

Your investment is Hacker and DDOS Protected. Payments are sent directly to the account from which the investment has been made from. The Principal is 100% guaranteed by our reserve fund provided by us together with the Qatar Bitcoin Investment Regulation! Just select one of my Investment Plans, Invest and start earning high profits without any stress.

6000% Profit Plan
Investment: 500 - 5,000 USD
Investment term: 48 Hours
Interest: 6000% Guaranteed Profit, Principal Return

8000% Profit Plan
5,100 - 20,000 USD
Investment term: 48 Hours
Interest: 8000% Guaranteed Profit, Principal Return

9000% Profit Plan
20,100 - 200,000 USD
Investment term: 24 Hours
Interest: 9000% Guaranteed Profit, Principal Return

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