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 Before investing in High Yield Investment Programs you must know several aspects to take into. Here's a list of the most important ones:

  • Always get some knowledge about the High Yield Investment industry before making a decision to invest your money in High Yield Investment Programs. A good advice is to read every page of this website before doing anything else. When done right, High Yield Investments are extremely profitable, but without knowing the industry and which programs to invest in you'll most likely lose your money. Knowledge is one of the major keys to success in the HYIP arena.
  • Think about what your reasons for investing are. Are you looking at it as a solution to your financial problems you shouldn't even think about it. High Yield Investments are risky, and if you're unlucky enough you could eventually end up without any money at all.
  • Always think over your financial situation before taking the step to invest in HYIPs. Never invest more than you could afford to lose. Are you a gambler or more careful? Even if High Yield Investing is much like gambling there are options that seem to be safer than other. Decide how big risks you are willing to take.
  • If you've made the decision to start investing, find a few programs that you believe in, and invest in all of them. Diversifying your investment on several programs will reduce the risks and you won't lose everything if one program goes out of business.
  • Before investing in a specific program, do some research on it. You don't need to know everything about any given program like charts and examples of how they make their money. But you MUST know:
    • WHO is behind the program. Someone like a club owner who has checked the program out must have positive proof of the identity of the people who operate the program.
    • Along with the who, is WHERE are the people located, and what is the direct communication PHONE number. This does not mean cellphone. It means a real address and a real phone number and real people.
    • There must also be a trusted bank involved with all programs. With a real and trusted big bank, anyone can track the movement of money. With real banks involved there is much less chance of a scam.
    • Someone (YOU or the club owner) must get verifiable references, such as character references from the program owners. These must be called and checked out. Anyone can provide references that are fake, but any savvy person can smell these references out pretty quickly. Now let me expand on the above set of rules. Obviously if someone from Turkey has an office in Cypress with references in Moscow it would probably be a scam.




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